Night Swim

Forced into early retirement by a degenerative illness, former baseball player Ray Waller moves into a new house with his wife and two children. He hopes that the backyard swimming pool will be fun for the kids and provide physical therapy for himself. However, a dark secret from the home's past soon unleashes a malevolent force that drags the family into the depths of inescapable terror.

  • Released: 2024-01-19
  • Runtime: 98 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers
  • Stars: Wyatt Russell, Kerry Condon, Amélie Hoeferle, Gavin Warren, Nancy Lenehan, Jodi Long, Preston Galli
  • Director: Bryce McGuire
  • scottastevens - 3 June 2024
    An Attempt at Social Commentary
    I took the father's story arc as a statement on how society takes success in sports too seriously. The guy's all-star baseball career ended because of MS (if I understood the lady doctor's mumbo jumbo correctly) and then when he discovered that the pool's healing properties turned him into a Frankenstein version of Babe Ruth (who literally tore the cover off the baseball at the little league practice!), he was perfectly happy to murder one of his kids so as to retain that prowess - what a sad sack!

    I think I even remember him giving a pathetic speech about how he somehow hit the ball harder the day his daughter was born. For one, it's common for athletes to take leave when their spouses are going to give birth so why was he playing baseball instead of being there with his wife - especially considering that in a later scene, the wife described that birth as extremely painful to the point that she almost gave up!??? And number two, the POS views his entire life, even the birth of his kids, from the perspective of how it affects his baseball career!

    Maybe that's why the entire family seemed to be constantly morose and depressed - the male head of the family only cared about crying over his old baseball cards (which appeared to be hermetically sealed in 8 inch hard plastic to prevent any damage to the precious possessions) rather than being a dad to his kids who were clearly maladjusted. No wonder they all seemed so relieved at the end after the freak dad was sucked into the pool.

    Also, the scene in the pool where the freak dad declared to the other kid that he wanted to take down the steroid muscle guy who was dominating the pool was funny because the dad himself was the actual monster who ended up trying to murder the poor kid!

    Given how lame and anticlimactic the actual conclusion ended up being, they would have been better off making the pool water transform into an actual monster with a head, arms, and legs and then engage in a pitched battle with the family and maybe have him defeated with a flamethrower (sort of like that Tarantino movie).

    A couple of lingering questions I have about what would have happened after the movie ended:

    1. Would the dad getting sucked into the pool be enough for the authorities to declare him legally deceased? I can only imagine how that inquest would have turned out.

    2. Assuming the dad were pronounced legally dead, was his MLB career long enough so that his pension benefits became vested and his surviving wife would continue to receive payments?
  • gmaag99 - 14 May 2024
    Teen doesn't know how a garage door works
    A loving heartfelt family that all know that there are monsters in the pool decide it's best not to bring it up with each other. No it's not a Don Knotts screwball comedy, but maybe a Pauly Shore anyway. I also will give it four and a half girlfriend arm sqeezes. Building contractors in the audience will be screaming at the screen and for God 's sake don't bring your pool boy. There are some spooky parts that don't deliver and the movie has none of that nervous laughter that comes with a misdirected scare. This movie could have used a little humor, I thought every director knew how that works.
  • steveinrowg - 30 April 2024
    Surprisingly Shallow
    I sometimes contemplate why films like Night Swim exist. Of course, I'm not expecting high art from a PG-13 aquaphobic thriller that is designed for fun movie nights with friends. In fact, there is a great merit to films that bring folks together in this unique way. However, through this arrangement, in exchange for our patronage, the film should have something to offer us.

    Night Swim comes to us empty handed. In fact, it suffers from a swarm of tired horror movie tropes that strip away and sully any hint of originality. To me, this is a shame, because it's highest quality elements have nothing to do with the horror aspects of this movie.

    The backstory of the father's life-changing and career-endangering sports injury grabbed my attention. The family's need to finally settle down in a home after his injury creates this circumstance. To me, this plot line would be perfect for a drama, where the more intimate and intense elements can more reasonably explored.

    I feel there is a lot of wasted potential here, and as a result, created a letdown of a popcorn thriller. Even so, this film will be received positively to some horror fans, but for me, no honest attempt was made to make something worthwhile.