Bob Marley: One Love

Bob Marley: One Love

Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley overcomes adversity to become the most famous reggae musician in the world.

  • Released: 2024-01-10
  • Runtime: 130 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Music
  • Stars: Kingsley Ben-Adir, Lashana Lynch, Jesse Cilio, Tosin Cole, Michael Gandolfini, Nadine Marshall, James Norton, Anthony Welsh, Sundra Oakley, Nestor Aaron Absera, Hector Donald Lewis, Umi Myers, Cornelius Grant
  • Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green
  • PartyKingKeyz - 16 June 2024
    One Love & , One Review
    The Bob Marley one love movie was a 10 out of 10 a day. More insight a of the legends. Being depicted on the screen to teach the new regeneration, a history and Culture of the legendary artist and his music and the inspiration for coke classics.

    The one love film It's a all around film. You're gonna go see with the life of girlfriend, family? Children is a ten out of ten A PartyKingKeyz Favorite Enjoy

    The film depicted. The legend is Gloria his great moment low moment. That was great inside. It was like a closer inside view of a family member. Have a Great one Also glad that the film depicted me his great moments and did this picture of dying even though we're not that the leisure they're pass away in nineteen seventies.
  • jbshannon-48194 - 27 May 2024
    Speaks to me in a lot of ways
    Beginning there is a scene with tv on accusing a candidate being a CIA plant. Brink of civil war until his concert. Always civil war after UK leaves and then CIA try to take over. Some of these quotes remind me of history."I shot the sheriff but did not shoot the deputy" IRA focused assassinating leaders."Dem call me "yellow boy""."We Don't Need No Trouble". You have pure intentions, but Rasta never get mixed up in a Babylon System""Dat's not di right question, no why dem try to kill you, but why could not succeed""Until the philosophy that which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned well everywhere is war..." Only 25 min. Stopped taking quotes as it would end up a whole transcript. Most of the quotes are from is songs. He speaks the truth for peace. I wish I listened to the whole album before I watched the movie as I would have eureka moments during the film.
  • neilios79 - 3 May 2024
    What an incoherent mess
    Who is this movie for? How many people speak thick Rastafarian? 2/3rds of this movie was almost unintelligible. And what a mess of a story? BARELY any time spent on Bob Marley writing music or his thoughts or ideologies but the director made sure his wife's feel's and emotions were VERY CLEAR.

    This was such a waste of a movie. So many amazing bio pics lately and for some reason this movie was about everything but Bob Marley. They did mention his toe, briefly, but never mentioned it was his Rastafarian faith that didn't allow him to have his toe amputated.

    I expected more, and was disappointed.