After a migrating duck family alights on their pond with thrilling tales of far-flung places, the Mallard family embarks on a family road trip, via New York City, to tropical Jamaica.

  • Released: 2023-12-06
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy
  • Stars: Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Awkwafina, Carol Kane, Keegan-Michael Key, Danny DeVito, Caspar Jennings, David Mitchell, Tresi Gazal
  • Director: Benjamin Renner
  • Quethinks - 12 June 2024
    A fine kids film about talking duckies
    Migration by Benjamin Renner is a cute movie, but it is nothing to ride home about. There were some fun performances by Danny DeVito and Elizabeth Banks, but other than that it is just your typical illumination film playing it safe as possible so they can appeal to the widest demographic. The pacing of this movie was off to me, it felt so short, only clocking in at 83 minutes. The animation is cool, but it just another CGI animated film which we have seen for a decade. I don't know, it just seems by the numbers to me. I just wish they had tried to make this film more unique instead of mashing up scenarios, like how a toddler would smash blocks to see what fits.
  • jeromesgabilo - 23 May 2024
    This animation film was such a mid, but I really enjoyed watching it because it felt like a classic film to watch with kids and the whole family. The animation effects and vibes were one of the flawless I've watched this year. The voice dubbings were decent as well, although I really hoped that these types of animated flicks were a bit longer and deeper in plot and storyline. It could have been more enjoyable to watch if the settings were a bit more different from what was expected. Even though this film still delivered, I think it lacks a certain charm that would attract more audience and makes it more watchable on repeat.
  • gsilecchia - 21 April 2024
    An animated adventure for the whole family... definitely not to be missed!!!
    "Migration" is a cinematic experience that captures the imagination and warms the heart, transporting viewers on an exciting journey through new worlds and fascinating adventures. Directed by Benjamin Renner, this animated film enchants and entertains, offering a story that literally glues viewers to the screen. The plot follows the Mallard family, a pair of ducks with their young ducklings, as they undertake an extraordinary migration to Jamaica. Through a series of escapades and unforgettable encounters, Mack and his family learn the true meaning of trust, adventure, and family unity. The film is a riot of vibrant colors and spectacular animation, perfectly capturing the enchanted atmosphere and overwhelming emotions of every moment. The characters are rich in personality and charisma, with brilliant voice acting that makes them vivid and memorable. One of the most surprising things about "Migration" is how it tackles deep and meaningful themes, such as the need to confront fears and embrace the unknown. Through the adventures of the duck family, the film conveys a powerful message about resilience, the importance of following one's dreams, and the unconditional love that binds a family. Additionally, the humor of the film is infectious, with moments of brilliant comedy that will make both children and adults laugh. Mike White's screenplay offers a perfect blend of clever jokes and touching moments, creating a cinematic experience that is as entertaining as it is moving. Finally, the film's soundtrack adds a magical touch to the entire experience, with songs that perfectly accompany every exciting moment and every contagious laugh."Migration" is an animation masterpiece that deserves to be seen by the whole family. With its captivating story, unforgettable characters, and breathtaking animation, this film is destined to become a modern classic, loved by generations of viewers. Don't miss the opportunity to take flight with Mack and his family in this extraordinary cinematic adventure!