GHOST: Rite Here Rite Now

GHOST: Rite Here Rite Now

Whether you’re a devoted disciple looking to relive treasured memories of the GHOST live spectacle or among the curious uninitiated, RITE HERE RITE NOW will put you right there: putting your phones down and living in the moment—as a shadow of uncertainty looms—completely spellbound and in the thrall of this bombastic yet intimate cinematic portrait of GHOST.

  • Released: 2024-06-20
  • Runtime: 149 minutes
  • Genre: Music
  • Stars: Tobias Forge, Maralyn Facey, Alan Ursillo, Kevin Kaufmann, Ashley McBride, Ghost
  • Director: Tobias Forge, Alex Ross Perry
  • squirrele - 27 June 2024
    There's a LOT to unpack
    As a newer fan I was expecting this 2 hour & 30 minutes movie to go in depth of their background like who they are and what their story is and all the background. If you're expecting that, then this is not it. It is simply just a recording of a concert with a few snippets of behind the scenes that added to the "lore". I was very disappointed with the "Mary On A Cross" performance as well, not what I was hoping for nor expecting. Also, if you are sensitive to loud noises and/or bright flashing lights I would advise against this movie. There were a lot of references to past events that any new fan wouldn't understand. Also, as a side note, it is more satanic than I had initially thought. I knew prior to the movie that Ghost had leaned more towards the satanic side but this was definitely extreme and shed a whole new light on how I view and think of them, purely because of my morals not because of the band themself. I would watch it again if it just happened to be on, however, I would not actively seek it out.
  • jesshurman - 22 June 2024
    I was honestly underwhelmed.

    I was really looking forward to big budget lore movie but this was primarily focused on 1 show in la , there was small amounts of actual story lore and it barely adds anything, it was disappointing.

    There was also just some really random out of place bits? Like the boxing a fan of the skooby doo esq part though.

    The sound quality was also off, you can hear it especially when they play he is.yeah.

    I really wanted to enjoy it but I wish I hadnt paid money for could have been put on their had worse quality than their normal videos to be fair.