In A Violent Nature

In A Violent Nature

The enigmatic resurrection, rampage, and retribution of an undead monster in a remote wilderness unleashes an iconic new killer after a locket is removed from a collapsed fire tower that entombed its rotting corpse.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 94 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers
  • Stars: Andrea Pavlovic, Lea Rose Sebastianis, Ry Barrett, Lauren-Marie Taylor, Reece Presley, Charlotte Creaghan, Timothy Paul McCarthy, Alexander Oliver, Sam Roulston, Liam Leone, Cameron Love, Casey MacDonald, Tom Jacobs
  • Director: Chris Nash
  • pagemaster7 - 13 June 2024
    A really good slasher, dare I say unique
    This should have been done with a Friday the 13th film 30 years ago. I don't like reviews with spoilers but just imagine Friday the 13th from Jason's point of view. I wasn't expecting very much, but I was impressed. No it isn't ground breaking, it's been done in small amounts in a number of films, this just did it very well. It also has that old school gritty vibe of slashers from the late 70's to early 80's. All in all probably the best slasher I can think of in some time, and well worth your time if you enjoy this kind of film, I will say it's pretty much for the horror fan, if your not predisposed to the genre, specifically the slasher genre, it may not be for you, it's dark, funny but not like scream playfulness, and beautifully nasty.
  • kendoll1968 - 10 June 2024
    I hated this!
    If your idea of a good horror film is watching the killer SLOWLY walk through the woods minus the killer soundtrack of "ki ki ki ma ma ma" then this movie might be for you. There is a reason no one does horror movies from the point of view of the killer. It isn't scary!! In fact, it is super boring. Even worse, the picture is often times completely out of focus. Think Blair Witch Project with vasoline smeared on the lens. The first twenty minutes of this film were so painfully dull and boring that it was beginning to anger me. People are calling this a "masterpiece". Did we watch the same film? This movie sucked!
  • chancellorpink - 7 June 2024
    Enjoy the View
    Too many complaints about this movie due to it's casual, deliberate pacing, as it follows the "risen from the grave" undead serial killer John go on his rampage.

    Yes, there is no music. Yes, there are silent stretches where John stands admiring his work, or where he purveys the landscape, deciding on where to amble next.

    But as we are well aware that John the killer brings horrific death with every stare, evaluation and step, surely you'd have to be a monster more callous and rotten than John to be bored while waiting on his next horror show. Are you? Because assuming you're a moral, non-sociopathic, non-murderous human like me, like most, the director assumes you'd be terrified in waiting. Creeped out in watching. Worried in the ambling. Tension-filled in the unknown choices. And thoroughly disgusted & horrified by the results. All as I was.

    This film puts a fresh face on horror, precisely because it makes you absorb the real-time delays and dalliance of the process of taking a life. Clint Eastwood made a fortune and won a few Oscars with Unforgiven, in telling the tale of how prior westerns maybe diminished the true difficulty involved with taking a life. This horror movie was perhaps pitched at the wrong audience, namely, cinema haters only hanging out for cheap thrills. In fact, this is a horror movie for movie lovers of any genre. I'm thankful someone (beyond, say, Dario Argento & John Carpenter) realized you can both love movies and enjoy the art of cinematic murder, all while maintaining the perspective of strong respect for human life.

    Docked to 9/10 only because I personally found the ending to be unsatisfying. "Huh?" was my reaction after the last shot. Not good enough there. But the rest was fantastic.