Le Ying (Jia Ling) has stayed at home for many years doing nothing. After graduating from college and working for a period of time, Le Ying chose to withdraw from society and not held contact with her social circle. This was the best way she believed to "reconcile" with herself. One day, due to several "tricks" of fate, she decided to change her life.She met boxing coach Hao Kun ( Lei Jiayin). Just when she thought her life was about to get on the right track, life tests her again.

  • Released: 2024-02-10
  • Runtime: 129 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
  • Stars: Zhao Tingting, Fa Zhiyuan, Jia Ling, Lei Jiayin, Li Xueqin, Zhang Xiaofei, Qiao Shan, Yang Zi, Zhao Haiyan, Zhang Qi, Xu Juncong, Bu Yu, Zhu Tianfu, Liu Honglu, Sha Yi, Wei Xiang, Shen Chunyang, Tao Shen, Ma Li
  • Director: Jia Ling
  • CinemaSerf - 10 April 2024
    "Le Ying" (Ling Jia) is a larger lass who has little success with anything save for half-drinking cola and sleeping for most of the day. She's been left a flat by her grandmother but her soon to be divorced sister "Dou Dou" (Zi Yang) needs some property if she is to be able to continue sending her daughter to private school. After initially agreeing to a transfer, a barney ensues and she storms out determined to find somewhere of her own to live. That means a job. Discipline. She gets a job in a BBQ joint for a boss who's a bit of a lecher, but she can deal with him. It's he who sends her to fetch some cigarettes from his car and that's where she rather curiously encounters "Hao Kun" (Jiayin Lei) who is a boxing coach at a gym round the corner. He's not having much success recruiting new clients so she agrees to be one. Now, on the face of it, she's not the most likely of boxers, but what now ensues sees her face a series of challenges that make her think deeply about who she is and who she wants to become. This reality check is only exacerbated by an appearance on her sister's rather comically cynical television talent show that makes "X Factor" look like "Mastermind" (though it does feature quite an entertaining strop between the panellists). The story itself meanders along a bit too slowly - it doesn't need to be over two hours long, but there can be no denying the effort put in by Ling Jia as her character comes to an empowering degree of self-realisation. It's a bit stereotypical, I suppose, but it's also quite frank and entertaining. It's can be funny, a little poignant and there's just the merest hint of chemistry between the two boxers. I doubt you'll remember it for long, and the ending is a bit of a muddle, but it is worth a watch.
  • ianptn - 18 March 2024
    Cringed througout
    YOLO, a title that made me wince more at the thought of wasting an otherwise nice 2 hours , was a lackluster production and left me questioning my life choices-specifically, why I hadn't chosen to stay home and organize my sock drawer instead. From clichés to predictable plot twists, this film failed to impress. The acting was forgettable, the pain porn overindulgent, and the main character lacked depth. As the runtime stretched into eternity, I contemplated escape routes. When the credits finally rolled, I bolted for the exit, vowing never to trust my parents' taste in cinema again. In summary, this movie is a forgettable mishmash that promises more excitement in reorganizing sock drawers.

    Note: The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of the sock drawer.
  • maccssa - 10 March 2024
    Very touching/inspiring movie
    Just watched yesterday with my whole family, it touches me a lot. It made me believe again one can do almost anything if you decided to do it. One's will power is very strong and can carry one very very far. And I feel very happy for everyone that can say « if I'd like to » in their life. They didn't make choice based on other's preferences, but because they'd like to.

    The first half of the movie is quite funny. Although we can tell the main actress is going through a lot of hard time and being treated very badly by people around her, we didn't really have all the details until the very end. Originally I thought the change of the main actress is a bit too sudden. That's because the answer will reveal at the end. Then it all made sense. Love this movie.