The Watchers

When 28-year-old artist Mina finds shelter after getting stranded in an expansive, untouched forest in western Ireland, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside three strangers that are watched and stalked by mysterious creatures each night.

  • Released: 2024-06-07
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • Genre: Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Siobhan Hewlett, Alistair Brammer, Kya Brame, Shane O'Regan, Shannon Antonia, Hannah Howland, Anthony Morris, Kofi De Graft Jordan, Cara Steele, Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell, Olwen Fouéré, Seán T. Ó Meallaigh, Jacob Greenway, Diarmuid de Faoite, Andrea Bechis, Ann Marie Horan, Jim Tighe
  • Director: Ishana Night Shyamalan
  • josh-andrzejewski - 19 June 2024
    Go in with low expectations
    As with any Shyamalan film, this one benefits from low expectations. This movie is fine. I went to see it because the AC is out at my house and it was worth the matinee price. There are some tense moments, but nothing truly terrifying. The story unfolds in interesting ways. The characters are interesting and the actors do a good enough job. The resolution is acceptable. The mythology is interesting but a little light. The performances are fine. Everything's adequate in this movie, although there are some eye-roll moments. Do not go in expecting something marvelous. The special effects might be worth seeing in theaters, but I also think it would be fine to wait for streaming. At times, it felt like an extended Black Mirror episode.
  • DoNotComeToTheCinemaDepressed - 17 June 2024
    👍 Starts Well with the Premise and then goes Nowhere Satisfying👎
    Just Got out of a Screening of The Watchers

    Sigh 😔

    I'm Sure the Actual Novel this film is Based on is Good because of the lore this film contains, but unfortunately, this film does not Execute Much of it (Mostly)With any real interest.

    Short Review : Starts out interesting, and then near the end WAIT! WHAT? Are You Sure? Oh yeah, you're probably right, ok bye. And Remember, I'll be Watching You🤔🤦

    Longer Review -

    Positives of the Film

    🌳 - The Atmosphere of the Them Being Inside the Coop and the Watchers being Outside was Interesting.

    🎥 - There's a Few Shots that are really Visually Great.

    📜 - The Actual Build from the Intro all the way to Dakota Fanning Meeting the Other 3 was also Interesting.

    📜 - Again, them going outside by day, and staying in the coop by night to wait for the Watchers to Look at them through the mirror, them watching the TV show, then sitting around with that atmosphere Inside and the other atmosphere outside etc, was all very good to watch.

    And that's about it. It all Starts to Completely fall apart when they discover this underground bunker and then it goes on and on and is just a Domino effect of an absolute Disaster.

    Negatives -

    👎 - It Just Seems like they had this concept and in the end, never went anywhere satisfying with it.

    👎 - There's too much explaining going on at certain times, just constantly going on and on, what happened to "show, don't tell?"

    🤦 - You're Telling me that they Never discovered the underground door all these months?

    🤷👎 - After a while it just felt apart, there's too much going on and the 3rd act turns into reveal after reveal.

    Overall, Just Not Very Good.
  • tom992 - 15 June 2024
    I was hooked from the start, good movie!
    "The Watchers," is a masterclass in modern horror filmmaking. Director Ishana Night Shyamalan, daughter of famed director M. Night Shyamalan, delivers a chilling and atmospheric tale that grips the audience from start to finish. The movie felt a bit like the ritual or the Blair Witch project.

    The narrative is expertly crafted, weaving together elements of psychological horror and supernatural dread. Shyamalan's direction is meticulous, creating a palpable sense of tension and unease. The cinematography beautifully captures the desolate beauty of the Highlands, juxtaposing serene landscapes with the looming threat of unseen terrors.

    Dakota Fanning's performance is a standout, portraying Mina with a blend of vulnerability and resilience that makes her plight all the more compelling. The supporting cast, including Kit Harington and Rupert Grint, deliver strong performances that add depth to the story's unfolding mystery.

    The film's score, composed by the talented Bear McCreary, further amplifies the tension with haunting melodies that linger long after the credits roll. "The Watchers" is not just a horror film; it is a deep dive into human fears and the unknown, wrapped in a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

    Overall, "The Watchers" is a hauntingly beautiful film that exemplifies the best of the horror genre. It is a must-watch for horror aficionados and casual viewers alike, offering a rich, immersive experience that will leave you thinking about it long after the lights come back on.