Anyone But You

Despite an amazing first date, Bea and Ben's initial attraction quickly turns sour. However, when they unexpectedly find themselves at a destination wedding in Australia, they pretend to be the perfect couple to keep up with appearances at this wedding.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 100 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Stars: Michelle Hurd, Bryan Brown, Darren Barnet, Sydney Sweeney, GaTa, Alexandra Shipp, Rachel Griffiths, Glen Powell, Dermot Mulroney, Hadley Robinson
  • Director: Will Gluck
  • ta-60644 - 15 June 2024
    A bad Hallmark movie but with f-bombs
    Usually romantic comedies have romance and comedy, after the first 5 minutes this one lacks both. Even the lower grade, made for TV ones tend to have a bit of charm and sometimes enjoyable people. This one didn't even have those. The thing about movies like this is you know where they are going to end up so it is all about the journey there and this journey is like being trapped on a plane next to loud, obnoxious people.

    Most of the characters behave like spoiled five year-olds. I expected to see a full on tantrum at some point. They aren't likeable and they aren't funny.

    The idea of a more edgy TV style romance movie is interesting but it has been done successfully before. This one lacks creativity and there is no depth to the characters. Most everyone just overacts the traits that their character is supposed to have.
  • ssheddlavallee - 6 June 2024
    Tough to watch
    Sorry but just because Powell and Sweeney are hot (literally and in the box office sense) it doesn't mean you can throw them in a movie without trying. No romance no comedy no sense.

    I wish I could say something good but this was the most boring movie ever and the whole story line was all over the place. I know people will say "take it for what it is and don't overthink it" because frankly people have a tendency to that. That isn't the case with this movie though. I can suspend disbelief for action romance laughs etc and enjoy a movie even if there are plot holes or questionable scenes, but you have to be entertaining in some way. This just fell so flat in all areas. It's like they took the worst writing and rom com scenes from other movies, put two hot people with limited chemistry together, and piece mailed this in to a made for tv movie that accidentally landed on the big screen. It doesn't even feel cohesive. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Not trying to offend those who enjoyed it but IMO if you want to watch it to stare at Powell's abs or to make fun of it then have at it. Otherwise I recommend you find any other movie than this. Hope Powells next movie coming to Netflix is better..
  • elizabethhlor - 27 May 2024
    Below Average Rom-com but still easy to pass the time
    I appreciate the movie keeping a good pace and keeping the viewers engaged throughout. Just didn't reallly like the storyline too much and as much as I would love to love Sweeneys character, I don't. Her character was so surface level and didn't feel the characters love for Ben. I think Ben did a great job fulfilling his character but really just not much depth between the two. I honestly liked the sisters relationship more and would rather see a movie on them as the love seemed so much more genuine and acting was better. Some parts of the movie were a bit cringe and some acting parts of the movie by Sweeney was mediocre. Overall, a senseless movie to watch if you want eye candy (both guy and girl) and to pass time cause you need want to watch something but not get invested.