The Dead Don't Hurt

The Dead Don't Hurt

In the 1860s, fiercely independent French-Canadian Vivienne Le Coudy embarks on a journey with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen, attempting to forge a life together in the dusty town of Elk Flats, Nevada. When Holger decides to go fight for the Union in the burgeoning Civil War, Vivienne must fend for herself, which isn't easy in a town controlled by a corrupt mayor.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 130 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Western
  • Stars: Garret Dillahunt, W. Earl Brown, Viggo Mortensen, Vicky Krieps, Danny Huston, Ray McKinnon, Solly McLeod, Alex Breaux, Michael Weaver, Nadia Litz, Colin Morgan, Luke Reilly, Atlas Green
  • Director: Viggo Mortensen
  • DoNotComeToTheCinemaDepressed - 12 June 2024
    πŸŒ… I Enjoyed this Watch πŸŒ…
    Just Got out of a Screening of The Dead Don't Hurt

    I don't think this Film is For Everyone(Like Pretty Much Every Single Film)

    I See Some Reviews Saying this Film is Boring and I can Certainly See How Some Would see it that way. But for me, it didn't play in that way at all.

    Elements of the Film -

    πŸŒ… - To me, It Felt so Good to be "Bathed in an Adventure in the Old West" on the Big Screen.

    πŸŒ„ - It had This Stillness to it, and at times, outright Serenity. And I really Liked Experiencing This.

    πŸ••πŸ• - The Timelines, I think it was a Great Idea. This way the Film is Like a Puzzle that Us the Viewers have to Put in the Right Order. When I do a 2nd watch of this, I will Actively Piece Together things to form the Line of the Film.

    πŸ“œ - The Plotline mainly Consists of a Love Story, with other things going on, Corruption in the Town, the American Civil War was Going on at the time etc.

    πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ - The Performances, Vicky Krieps is the Best Performer in this Film. All of the other Performances were Solid Across-the-board.

    πŸŽ₯ - The Cinematography was Gorgeous, there's so many well Framed, well Placed Shots of People with Mountain Scenery behind them.

    My 1 Gripe with the Film -

    πŸ”š - The Ending with the Father & Biological Father and the Son. It would of been far more effective if the Filmakers Conveyed on screen, that the Biological Father knew that was his Son before the Final Showdown.

    Overall though, i Really Liked It.
  • Intermissionman_ - 4 June 2024
    Before my Take on Film just want to mention I follow Viggo-Works on Facebook which is Run by Fans of his that keep you updated on his schedule and Lots of great Photos. So I am a little prejudice in a good way cause I am Fan too. The page is apparently not affiliated with him but doubt he minds all the free publicity. I watched q and a and read bunch of articles about the making of this Movie before I saw at Theatre.

    I saw this Movie yesterday at the Theatre in Union City CA 10 am Matinee. Did not Plan it but I was the only Person that bought a Ticket🎟 This is a little out there but the Movie Literally absorbed Me. Sitting there alone in the Dark felt like I was in the Film ? The Cinematography is Fantastic filmed mainly in Mexico. Viggo Mortensen wears all the Hats Writer Director Star and Composer of Score ! Vicky Krieps Great Great actress. Western Drama unfolds like no other. If you get a chance See it on the Big Screen🎻 PS Maybe trivial for me to mention but in the courtroom scene the Judge does not have a Gavel ?
  • valentin-vdg - 14 May 2024
    Amazing western from Viggo
    This movie is a great piece of art. It tells the story about 2 people trying to build their lives at the frontier. Sadly their dream get's interrupted when the civil war is starting. When Olsen (viggo mortensen) returns home from the war both start to realize that everything has changed. Everything in the movie felt natural and it was beautifully shot. If there would be a negative point for me then it would be that the first 30 minutes in the movie felt a bit confusing because there were some flash forwards and flash backs all in the mix. I give the movie an 8/10. I highly recommend this movie if you are a fan of the western genre.

    What to expect when watching this movie: 1. A classic tale of revenge 2. Beautiful landscapes and nature.

    3. A very intimate love story 4. All the ingredients of an good old fashioned western. (and yes a good shootout!)