The Last Girl

A private investigator is forced into a dangerous alliance with a killer in order to uncover a quiet town’s grisly criminal underbelly and clear the name of her mentor, who is implicated in the crimes.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Thrillers
  • Stars: Alice Eve, Shelley Hennig, Antonio Banderas, Olwen Fouéré, Kim DeLonghi, Nick Dunning, Paul Reid, Kwaku Fortune, John Wollman, Matthew Tompkins, Patrick Buchanan, Ciaran McGlynn, Sophie Amber, Daire McMahon, Aoife Kelly, Daniel Carlin, Chris Mohan
  • Director: Jon Keeyes
  • georgebig - 21 March 2024
    The performance of Antonio Banderas.
    The movie Cult killer is a kind of different film from the others to be honest . But this movie wasn't really as bad as people say , it had some good camera shots , great and awesome soundtrack and the best of the best actor which that is Antonio Banderas, Not only he saved the movie by his grade performance but he is also the best film actor and this character reminds me of the other characters that he played in his past movies but Antonio's performance really made this movie to be a 10/10.

    There are a lot of suspense in the movie which will keep you glued to your TV.

    So it is an okay for me and for Antonio Banderas carried it 10/10.
  • Tweetienator - 9 February 2024
    Non Cult Filler
    I dare to say that Cult Killer will never be considered anything near the league of cult movies; instead, it will quickly be forgotten and fall into the void of total oblivion - and rightfully so. The production is okay, the cast is okayish too, but the story is, well, I can't put it better than a fellow reviewer did: it beats staring at the wallpaper. One could rightfully argue that there are more interesting and captivating wallpapers around that surpass Cult Killer's entertainment value, but I don't want to be too petty on the issue. What you get are super tough ladies (like in almost every movie these days) and a plot on auto-pilot. Verdict: only recommended if you have an ultra-boring wallpaper on your walls and not the ambition to change that fact and watch rather some redundant flick instead.