Jules is a drag artist in London who withdraws into himself and loses his career after a horrific attack. Months later, he recognizes one of his assailants in a gay sauna and quickly realizes he has the perfect opportunity to get revenge.

  • Released: 2023-02-19
  • Runtime: 99 minutes
  • Genre: Thrillers
  • Stars: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, George MacKay, Antonia Clarke, Moe Bar-El, Nima Taleghani, John Leader, Aaron Heffernan, John McCrea, Peter McPherson, Asha Reid, Ryan Walker-Edwards, Peter Clements, Luis Torrecilla, Jackson Milner, Paris Tenana
  • Director: Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping
  • danielleshaffi - 28 March 2024
    Hurt people, hurt people.
    I actually really loved this story but the ending just didn't do it for me.

    It touched light upon discrimination and just pure hate towards anyone in the LGBTQ+ community.. it actually was a really touching story and I thought it was actually rather beautiful in it own way. This sort of discrimination happens every single day and the sentiment was there it just had a few bits that didn't do it justice.

    I loved the fact that Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) felt like the only way he could reclaim what was taken from him was by outing Preston (George MacKay) through revenge porn. I honestly thought at the end he would either go through with it and it ruin Prestons life, or he'd not go through with it and fall in love with his abuser.

    The fact Preston actually found out at a drag show just didn't feel right to me. Why would Jules just randomly go up on stage and start blurting out about his plan for revenge. It just seemed like a rushed ending.

    They also made Preston out to be a victim too much. Yes, he was probably hurt by someone else and that's exactly why he hurts others and hides who he is but that's no excuse for him to beat a person up. In the end I felt my deepest sympathy for Preston and it took away from the fact Jules was beaten and victimised by this man.

    I'm not saying it was right for Jules to out Preston or post revenge porn but it felt a little messy as it built up to the end.

    I don't know if Nathan Stewart (Jules) has ever done any drag work before but he really slayed it. As a massive fan of Drag Race he played this part like he belonged on Ru Paul's stage.
  • LetsReviewThat26 - 1 March 2024
    Good performances
    Femme is one of the first LGBTQ films I think nextflix have the rights to. I liked this film and I thought the performances were very good all around and believable it almost played our as real life and that added to it. So Jules is a dragstar that decides to go to the local shop after running out of cigarettes. It's viewing discretion after this as some punk follows and beats poor Jules up, leaving them for dead. We skip and things seem normal until Jules spots him again now coming to be known as Preston and Jules sets our to get Thier revenge on him. I like revenge thrillers like this and aside from the hard to watch parts it was overall a fine film.
  • tomfarm95 - 12 December 2023
    A good film but missed a chance to be more
    I went into this film knowing nothing more than the synopsis (I had expected George Mackay to be playing the protagonist actually, so evidently I hadn't read very much about it). It was enjoyable to an extent but I was left feeling somewhat disappointed because I don't feel it particularly explored the two main characters in sufficient depth. The audience is privy to some of the journey Preston goes on, but there was so much more that could've been explored with his character. Nonetheless Mackay's performance was excellent. There is not a great deal of growth and development with Jules, he starts a drag queen and he ends a drag queen. At least with Preston the layers were starting to peel back and I developed some sympathy for him. Overall I would say a decent story that should've been taken further, there was a nice redemption arc in there somewhere for Preston. With regards to calling this a 'thriller', I wouldn't say I was especially thrilled by it and at several points I was just asking myself "why are they doing that, this doesn't make sense". I'm rating it a 6/10 but that is mainly down to Mackay's performance. I really wish I'd been given more background to the complicated feelings he has around his sexuality and his internal conflict.