The Shift

Kevin travels across worlds to reunite with the love of his life, Molly. When a mysterious individual known only as The Benefactor threatens Kevin’s survival, he fights to return to the world he knows and the woman he loves.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 115 minutes
  • Genre: Fantasy, Thrillers
  • Stars: Sean Astin, Neal McDonough, Elizabeth Tabish, Jason Marsden, Paras Patel, Emily Rose, Nolan North, Kristoffer Polaha, Rose Reid, John Billingsley, Jordan Walker Ross
  • Director: Brock Heasley
  • principoo - 17 May 2024
    Great movie,
    Very good movie from beginning to end!! We need more Christian films in the works.also the acting is very good, story was very interesting and uplifting, how come it wasn't mentioned before coming out? Anyways more Christian movies come out in the future. Anyone who hasn't watch it take your time highly recommended. Good luck and hopefully it wins an Oscar for next year's award. Wouldn't mind seeing again and again and again. Also it reminds of the book of John or job. Somewhere in the New Testament or old. Can't remember well. Why else can I say? Other great movies to check it's prince of Egypt.
  • larochewilliam - 2 April 2024
    The ending left a bad taste for that story's God.
    A very watchable movie. I didn't get bored at any point.

    Unfortunately, The ending made me hate the story's God. He lets the devil completely destroy the main character's world, son killed, wife gone, his whole life destroyed, but in the end, get's put in another universe, with a different version of his wife and a kid that's not his, and yet, it's supposed to show the greateness of God? It's a pathetic replacement of his original life that only a fool would accept. His entire world and life was destroyed in a bible "Job" fasion, but in Job's case, he was given everything back and more. The main character settled for an imperfect copy of his original life.
  • mike-arredondo - 2 March 2024
    Disappointing. Disjointed & poorly written.
    I love The Chosen and had been looking forward to seeing some of my favorite actors from that series in different roles. Unfortunately, this project was poorly conceived.

    As with most bad movies, this film had a lot of potential. The concept and characters could have been brought to life in various ways but for some reason, the script, production and direction settled for a borderline, "made for television movie" and that's being generous.

    The cast did their best with what they were given and the cinematography was decent on occasion. But the story line was almost like watching someone try to describe a senseless and disjointed bad dream. The pace was lacking any kind of fluidity and there were just too many cringe worthy moments that fell very short of capturing any serious conviction and lacked any emotional depth..

    I tried to hang in there and kept hoping it would start to grab my interest, but I'd finally had enough and stopped watching 3/4 of the way through.

    Well, I'll never get that time back.

    Set your expectations very VERY low if you decide to watch it otherwise, don't bother wasting your time.