Drive-Away Dolls

Drive-Away Dolls

Jamie, an uninhibited free spirit bemoaning yet another breakup with a girlfriend, and her demure friend Marian desperately needs to loosen up. In search of a fresh start, the two embark on an impromptu road trip to Tallahassee, but things quickly go awry when they cross paths with a group of inept criminals along the way.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime
  • Stars: Geraldine Viswanathan, Margaret Qualley, Beanie Feldstein, Colman Domingo, Pedro Pascal, Matt Damon, Bill Camp, Joey Slotnick, C.J. Wilson, Connie Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Annie Gonzalez, Abby Hilden, Josh Flitter, Sam McCrea
  • Director: Ethan Coen
  • sarah-rey160 - 2 June 2024
    It's a gay film!
    It was fun and entertaining- it's a comedy! It got very silly at times in the best way. I truly believe it is exactly what it was supposed to be!! The director, writers, producers, and actors made a vision come to life. It's so disappointing to see how many people didn't get it or receive it well. It was a lesbian movie for gay people, people! Not for the male gaze, nor a gay movie that got watered down to make you feel comfortable, but for people in the community who understand what CAMP means! If you truly can't handle the first 10 minutes do your self a favor and turn it off. That's it! Not every movie is for everyone and that's okay. These negative reviews aren't saying what I think it's blatantly obvious: people hate when lesbians are "too gay." So to be clear, if you don't like when movies are "too gay" this isn't the comedy for you. Both of the main characters are gay women and they do gay woman stuff! It's be weird if the plot didn't work in these situations for the characters! I'm really impressed with the comedic timing and chemistry between all the characters. I had been waiting to watch this for a few weeks and it exceeded expectations. Definitely one I could watch again!
  • suryaprakash_rec - 28 April 2024
    Started off well with unique characters and interesting premise. However during its course of short run time it loses its focus went into some strange places.

    The threat the characters faced were not serious enough for us to get invested. With the setup and amazing actors they could've done wonders but felt like they've settled for less.

    Everything happens very conveniently in the movie. There is scope for comedy, tension and social commentary instead it's just become an average movie. You can't put this in some genre which is great but felt like an opportunity missed

    Instead of being a black comedy it ended up being a silly movie.
  • striklix - 14 April 2024
    "We don't need to see the world's largest Dixie cup."
    A surprisingly disappointing and overall lackluster directorial work from one half of the superb Coen brothers, this half being the lesser talked about Ethan Coen, which by all accounts makes a ton of sense as he hasn't really made any solo directing works, and the one here that he did accompanied by his wife Tricia Cooke who co wrote it with him, is overwhelmingly mediocre in nearly every single way - and if it wasn't for the ridiculous humor that got me at times I would absolutely be giving this a two and a half instead of a three, yet it does tend to have its charm at times. This might just be the most lesbian a movie about lesbians has ever been that I have witnessed in my lifetime, albeit I haven't been seeking out many. I really should've known what I was getting into here when after the opening with Pedro Pascal concludes (which might be the best part of the entire movie to be honest), it immediately cuts to Margaret Qualley's character Jamie eating someone out while she's being called by the other main characters, Marian played by Geraldine Viswanathan. Now don't get me wrong here, I like both of these actresses a substantial amount, and Qualley herself tends to make a lot of movies more entertaining, but I can't tell if it was the accent or just the unlikablity of her character, but I just could not vibe with it and for almost the entire time I wish it focused on Marian solely instead. Now I know I said that the surprisingly funny cold open featuring a very minor role by Pedro Pascal was my favorite part of the film, but I actually think my favorite part of it has to go to the hilarity that emanates from Beanie Feldstein who plays Suki, and is easily the funniest part of the movie, and also the overall most enjoyable character to spend any amount of time with - which is why it's so sad to me that she barely got any screen time other than a couple scenes in the beginning, one scene in the middle, and then a couple more towards the end. She wholeheartedly would've made this movie much better if she was in a lot more of it, yet sadly Tricia did in fact not cook with the writing here. At the very least the premise here is so unbelievably stupid that it's kind of impossible not to laugh at sometimes, even if that may not always exactly be a positive. Matt Damon also has a very minor role in this movie, at least seemingly minor, that is also quite funny at times - revolving around a cast dildo of his junk, that is what the entire story is built upon. It is just as stupid as it sounds and it's good for a singular laugh but the longer you spend with it the more pointless watching the movie ends up feeling in all honesty. Also Miley Cyrus is in this film for some reason and I personally don't even know how to feel about that. I would not call this a good movie in the slightest, as in all honesty I think it heavily leans towards being bad but just settles at the threshold of mediocre. So while I don't think its inherently horrible by any means, as it does have its charm and is directed decently by Ethan Coen himself, but decently acted - I just don't think the little amounts of enjoyment that it comes with warrant giving it a watch or a recommendation from me. There's someone out there who would absolutely love this Uber lesbian road trip movie accompanied by a government espionage thriller about a senator's cast dildo, but I am in no way that person. So if someone like that is reading this, by all means please watch this movie because you will have a blast, but anyone not enticed by that I wouldn't advice seeking this out, even with its brisk run time I don't believe it's worth over an hour of your life.