400 A.D., in a forgotten time of Ancient America, a lone Hebraic fugitive must preserve the history of his fallen nation while being hunted by a ruthless tyrant – but rescuing the King's abused mistress could awaken a warrior's past.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Stars: Darin Southam, Nora Dale, Karina Lombard, Eugene Brave Rock, Billy Zane
  • Director: Darin Southam
  • mbush-utah - 5 April 2024
    Heartfelt, beautiful film
    This film is based loosely on events taken from the Book of Mormon. It is an unusually beautiful story with tremendous depth and feeling.

    I'll let the reader review a synopsis of the film, but suffice it to say it honors the Book of Mormon beautifully while avoiding the pitfalls of trying to use too much detail of that book- a virtually impossible task for a theatrical film. Besides, that approach has already been done well by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a recently released series of videos.

    We were never promised that this film would be lifted straight from the Book of Mormon. But I do feel we were promised it would reflect the history, values, and beauty of that book. In that, it did not fail to deliver.
  • jssarge-43899 - 24 December 2023
    Target audience bitterly disappointed
    I wanted to like the movie, it was my idea to see it and I went into it with a good attitude. I am active LDS trying to support Christian films like this ... but it was just awful.

    The Pros:
    • Music was phenomenal
    • Costume design was really believable
    • Some solid cinematic shots

    The Cons:
    • They took a lot of liberty with the story of Moroni and portrayed him all wrong. Why did he marry a lamanite named Bethsheba? The way she was killed and the scene with the bloody feet and the baby hand was terrible.

    • The plot holes are ridiculous. So many little plot points that never developed or did anything. I think the director really could have used a fresh set of eyes to give him feedback cause he missed a lot of obvious contradictions in the story. Like how much time would pass between Moroni and Bathsheba meeting, falling in love, learning a new language, getting married, getting pregnant, etc. Months? And yet the whole time the KING OF THE LAND is pursuing this runaway mistress accompanied by a small group of lamanites on foot.

    • The villian / king has an accent that's constantly changing and not fitting of the story. And why is he so sarcastic if he's supposed to be menacing? Why does he make a joke about "sitting on my ass" right after his men are killed? Do better, writers.

    • Discussing the film with my family afterwards, we are all confused about different elements like who was the angel in the armor and what actually is "the oath". And why did Moroni's body disappear after he died like Yoda? Give me a break
    • Way too many vanity shots of "Moroni" flexing muscles in the forest. One scene he literally curled the golden plates and the camera focused on his bicep. Main character syndrome.

    • the pacing is tough for the viewer. Probably because there's not a lot of plot in the 104 minutes of runtime. Lots of repetitive shots

    And what on earth was the scene with the bear in the cave and flinging the wolf pee? Why was that necessary? Did you notice that after touching the pee with his hands, the very next scene opens with him eating something with his hands? Lol

    I wish it was better. I don't enjoy being negative but this is the honest review. I suspect the 10/10 reviews are illegitimate. This was a flop. It could have done without the messages before and after where he says it's a movie about inspiration, peace, love, and Christ - when it's really not about Christ or true Book of Mormon events at all. It's a vanity film that took so long to finish he literally lost the plot.
  • natespanos - 17 December 2023
    What did I just watch?
    I am LDS and found this movie horribly dull and self gratifying for one person. I talked to a number of friends, also LDS, who said it was an embarrassment. Too many liberties were taken that distracted from any message that was attempted to inspire. They spoke of virtue, but glorified vanity. It was all very awkward and ambiguous. I am seriously shocked to see so many 10 star ratings.

    I feel if Darin would have spent as much time on the script as he did in the gym, it might have been an enjoyable movie. Why he chose a love story I have no idea. He portrayed Moroni as an insecure, possessive man with zero personality who was awfully quick to jump into bed with his enemies mistress.

    The few things I did like. I really enjoyed Eugene Brave Rock and Karina Lombard contributions. They gave the movie the only amount of authenticity it had. I would have liked to see more screen time with them and less of Darin. The score was good, but a little over the top. The scenery was beautiful. A different script and a better lead and this could have been a decent movie. As is, it is a complete flop.