The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat

The triumphant underdog story of the University of Washington men's rowing team, who stunned the world by winning gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 124 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Stars: Callum Turner, Joel Edgerton, Jack Mulhern, Sam Strike, Luke Slattery, Thomas Elms, Tom Varey, Bruce Herbelin-Earle, Wil Coban, Hadley Robinson, Chris Diamantopoulos, James Wolk, Courtney Henggeler, Joel Phillimore, Glenn Wrage, Edward Baker-Duly, Alec Newman, Peter Guinness, Laurel Lefkow, Sam Douglas
  • Director: George Clooney
  • josephgallagher-00451 - 9 June 2024
    A few lengths shy of victory
    Missed the significant character development of the book and subsequently missed the power of the story and its significance to its time. Unable to convey the lessons of commitment and loyalty the crew demonstrated and by extension the characteristics the WWII generation would demonstrate on a global scale just year's later.

    Acting was very good but a more developed script was needed for the cast to really shine. Disappointing that the well assemble cast missed an opportunity to be great.

    Cinematography was excellent. At times visual stunning.

    Overall I was hopeful for more and this one came in a few length shy of victory.
  • aumufan24 - 29 May 2024
    Great story, not so great movie
    As other reviewers have alluded to, this is a wonderful story that needs to be told, so in that sense, I'm glad to have learned more about it. But from a movie/script standpoint, this is just mundane. Probably in the hands of a good director, this could have been and would have been a movie that told the story well.

    If you've seen and appreciate Chariots of Fire, this is simply a disappointment. The acting is not bad, but they didn't have a worthy script to begin with, and the direction followed suit with the script. I did give it seven out of ten only because of the story itself. Maybe one day, someone will write a script worthy of the story.
  • alistergtaylor - 16 April 2024
    Not quite terrible, but getting there.
    After reading and re-reading Daniel James Brown's wonderful Boys in the Boat, I'd looked forward to seeing how this beautiful story could be realised for a movie.

    After watching it, I'd have preferred that they did not bother. The film attempting a short form of the book neglected the back story of the characters, the arc of the athletes, and was riddled with lazy factual errors.

    In a rowing sense, there is a lot wrong with this film. It's full of anachronisms in practice and form, and riddled with factual inaccuracies. But that pales into insignificance when matched against a story that really doesn't need much rowing, but needs time.

    The real individuals in the story make it wonderful. You don't need to know anything about rowing to love the book, but in pulling the story in to two hours, the film kills it.

    Near the end, and frustrated by what could have been brilliant, my wife put her finger on it. It should have been a multi-episode series. The amount that was spent by the art department to get boats and uniforms ready was massive. It's a pity that there was not more thought given to telling a compelling story.

    In 124 minutes or whatever it was, the producers managed to move from earth-shattering to run of the mill and formulaic.