The Color Purple

The Color Purple

The extraordinary sisterhood of three women who share one unbreakable bond.

  • Released: 2023-12-20
  • Runtime: 140 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Stars: Phylicia Pearl Mpasi, Ciara, Deon Cole, Halle Bailey, Aba Arthur, Colman Domingo, Terrence J. Smith, H.E.R., Louis Gossett Jr., Tiffany Elle Burgess, Corey Hawkins, David Alan Grier, Fantasia Barrino, Jon Batiste, Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, Stephen Hill, Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, Tamela Mann
  • Director: Blitz Bazawule
  • Cinema2kMendoza - 31 May 2024
    this movie is one of the reasons i like musicals
    Every time i read people have movies that are guilty pleasures, i must be the only one in my family who enjoy this kind of movies.

    The irony is that i wish theres more musicals with cars and a good plot...this movie about many love stories that were impossible or always hidden in the dark...really, between the songs, the acting, the locations and the story, this must be one of the best musicals ever made, not only the songs are good, the whole movie feels right.

    Yes, i need to watch it from the begining to say more,but i like from what i am seeing.

    And finally i know that my guilty pleasure are musicals, but for some reason,no uncle, aunt or whatever next to me likes them...
  • jphizon - 17 April 2024
    Where do I start with this review? As it was overwhelming! Unlike some of the reviews here, I have nothing against movie musicals but a few of some I watched were downright corny. Not this one!

    I don't know what I enjoyed more - the soundtrack, the singing, the choreography, the cinematography, the story (so depressing at some points that it actually made me want to stop watching), the acting - oh my God the acting! - how can so much talent be packed into one movie?! I can't even specify anyone because they were all good - ALL!

    I lost count of how many times I got goosebumps. A long movie yes, but it went by so fast.

    "I got about a million tingles..."
  • garyvines-01290 - 15 March 2024
    As a fan of the orginal and not a fan of musicals, this one landed well for me
    I'm not going to give a synopsis of the plot of this movie because the Color Purple is well known. This one was made into a musical and was on broadway for sometime featuring Fantasia Barrino in the pivitol role of Celie, Tarji P. Henderson as Shug Avery, Danielle Brooks as Sofia, Corey Hawkins as Harpo and Coleman Domingo as Mister. If I didn't know what the movie was about and heard this as the cast I would want to watch it but that's another story.

    While there were some departures from the original movie, they kept the heart of the movie beating and to me, the singing was done just enough to not be annoying but enhanced and added to the story.

    The actors and director managed to keep the emotion, gravity, humor, drama and tension of the original such that this movie was just as moving as the original. I loved the Whoopi Goldberg appears in it as to give her blessing to it and sort of pass the torch to the younger actresses in this.

    I have seen division in the reviews and I'm on the "loved it" side of the house and I'm skeptical of remakes and musicals (avoid Les Miserables at all cost if you're not that into musicals). If you're a fan of any of the actors in this, watch it, you even get to hear Taraji P. Henderson sing, which I didn't know she could. She was a perfect Shug Avery, I was skeptical at first but she nailed it.

    The only reason I didn't give his a perfect 10 was the few departures from the original, the length of the movie was a bit long for me but so too was the original and while Fantasia Barrino is an accomplished singer, sometimes her voice is a bit grating to me, especially her long solo in the movie, but that's a matter of taste on my part not talent on hers as that she is clearly a talented singer and actress.