Mean Girls the Movie Musical

Mean Girls the Movie Musical

New student Cady Heron is welcomed into the top of the social food chain by the elite group of popular girls called ‘The Plastics,’ ruled by the conniving queen bee Regina George and her minions Gretchen and Karen. However, when Cady makes the major misstep of falling for Regina’s ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels, she finds herself prey in Regina’s crosshairs. As Cady sets to take down the group’s apex predator with the help of her outcast friends Janis and Damian, she must learn how to stay true to herself while navigating the most cutthroat jungle of all: high school.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 113 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Stars: Christopher Briney, Avantika, Bebe Wood, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Jenna Fischer, Busy Philipps, Ashley Park, Jon Hamm, Angourie Rice, Jaquel Spivey, Auli'i Cravalho, Reneé Rapp, Connor Ratliff, Brian Altemus, Ari Notartomaso, Allison Winn, Gabriella Cila, Eric Patrick Cameron
  • Director: Arturo Perez Jr., Samantha Jayne
  • Quethinks - 12 June 2024
    A inferior remake of the 2004 teen classic with the saving grace being the performance
    As you guys know, I love the original Mean Girls by Mark Waters. It is a comfort movie of mine and is considered one of the best teen comedies of modern times. So I was scared when they announced a musical version. Then I listened to the original Broadway recording, and I liked it. Then they announced a movie version of said musical, and I was scared, and I'm sorry to say this movie disappointed me; it doesn't live up to the Broadway musical and doesn't even touch the 2004 classic.

    There are some performances I liked where Reneé Rapp as Regina George, Jaquel Spivey played Damian, and Avantika played Karen, even though some dialogue felt a little corny. For example, when Damian said, "Cady must've written that," it felt very ad libbed. Now onto the musical part of this movie. In my opinion, most of the song numbers aren't as good as the Broadway recording and don't hit as hard; the only exceptions Reneé and Auli'i since they really have great vocals, which didn't surprise me since Auli'I played Moana and Reneé played Regina for most of the Broadway run, but everyone else just does not have good vocals for most of these song numbers. Especially Angourie Rice as Cady, for which her songs she felt bored singing them, bringing no energy to them at all; it is like she forgot she was in a musical.

    The cinematography is nice to look at for the musical sections, especially during World Burn and Revenge Party, but overall it felt very bare bones and basic. The editing is okay, with sometimes there being some choppy editing, but that's just a nitpick.

    Also, one major problem I have with the movie is that it just doesn't have the same bite as the original. With the jokes not landing the same, it is less mean, which is weird for a movie called Mean Girls. I see some stuff in the original that hasn't aged well, like one of the Asian characters saying the N word in a scene, so that would be a good change that. But changing it from social suicide to social ruinous, in which I'm like, Who got mad at that? I guess they won't be listening to Olivia Rodrigo anytime soon. I guess I just wanted this film to put the Mean in Mean Girls.

    In general, Mean Girls (2024) is not as good as the original, and it's not even better than the Broadway version of the movie, which I liked. It's better than Mean Girls 2, but most movies are better than Mean Girls 2. I definitely think this movie should go in the Burn Book.
  • TurboTerminator - 5 June 2024
    Totally Unnecessary Remake
    This remake suffers in comparison to the original which was perfect. This version feels like an amateur high school musical.

    Angourie Ruce as Cady was really uninspiring. Only actress that did well was Reneé Rapp as Regina. Other mean girls were totally forgettable and boring. Even Tina Fey's performance was flat.

    They were breaking out into song and dance at very critical moments which makes the scene less impactful. The girls were not all that mean actually. The original was quite funny and had lot of memorable scenes whereas this one is totally forgettable.

    Only watch this movie if you have never watched the original version.
  • MovieswDan - 3 May 2024
    Way above expectations!
    Mean Girls, the long-anticipated remake of Tina Fey's cult classic of the same name, is finally in theaters and it does not disappoint. This musical twist on the cult classic was directed by Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr., and is based upon the Broadway hit which was written by Tina Fey, who also wrote the screenplay for this movie.

    The performances by the entire cast, lead by Renee Rapp and Auli'i Cravalho who stole the show, can only be described as iconic. Cravalho's performance as Janis was inventive and raw but also stayed true to the Janis we loved in the original movie. Rapp did such a good job playing Regina that I almost started rooting for her at times. This was the role of her life and she played it perfectly.

    Whenever a movie is remade, especially if the movie that is being remade is as popular as 2004's Mean Girls was and is, there is a lot of risk. Fans will always inevitably compare the remake to the original, and if the remake does not pay the correct homage, it can be negatively received or worse, make film viewers even dislike the original. An example of a movie being remade the right way is Rob Marshall's 2023 The Little Mermaid, a remake of the Disney classic of the same name from 1989. Conversely, an example of a movie being remade the wrong way was Jon Favreau's 2019 The Lion King, a remake of one of the most beloved Disney movies of all time from 1994 of the same name. The difference between these two movies is that, while The Lion King (2019) was frame for frame the exact same movie as The Lion King (1994), The Little Mermaid (2023) separated itself from the original just enough so that it was it's own movie but still held true to the original story. Thankfully, I would characterize the 2024 remake of Mean Girls as a film that did it correctly. This was very much it's own movie while still doing a fantastic job of paying homage to the 2004 classic.

    The original Mean Girls from 2004 was fantastic and there was no need for a remake, especially a remake that is a musical. After watching this movie, I realize that a remake of this quality, especially a musical, was indeed necessary. Mean Girls (2024) is the remake I had no idea that I needed. I truly loved this film and I hope you go and see it while it is in theaters. It's totally fetch!

    Thanks for reading!