The story of a girl who discovers that she can see everyone’s imaginary friends — and what she does with that superpower — as she embarks on a magical adventure to reconnect forgotten IFs with their kids.

  • Released: 2024-05-22
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming, John Krasinski, Fiona Shaw, Louis Gossett Jr., Bobby Moynihan, Alan Kim, Steve Carell, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Vince Vaughn, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph, Sebastian Maniscalco, Richard Jenkins, Christopher Meloni, Awkwafina, Jon Stewart, Liza Colón-Zayas
  • Director: John Krasinski
  • nERDbOX_Dave - 30 June 2024
    A Familiar But Heartwarming Adventure for the Whole Family
    John Krasinski's "IF" isn't breaking new narrative ground, but it doesn't have to. This charming film delivers a predictable, yet undeniably cute, story about the power of imagination and the bittersweet pang of growing up.

    The plot centers around young Bea, who can see what most adults can't: imaginary friends. Feeling isolated by this unique ability, she stumbles upon a hidden world where forgotten imaginary friends gather, longing to reconnect with their former companions. The film then follows Bea's heartwarming quest to reunite these fuzzy sometimes fangy friends with their rightful owners.

    Now, the story itself might feel a tad familiar, especially for fans of films like "Monsters Inc." There's a clear hero's journey, complete with overcoming obstacles and learning valuable life lessons. The humor is spot-on, particularly the interactions between Bea and the various imaginary friends, voiced by a stellar cast that includes George Clooney and the late Louis Gossett Jr..

    The real heart of the film lies in its exploration of childhood imagination and the inevitable loss of innocence. Adults who've tucked away their own imaginary friends might find themselves getting misty-eyed during certain scenes.
  • jramosrodriguez-18044 - 27 June 2024
    This movie isn't perfect, but wow, what a beautiful story. I really thought I wouldn't like it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the concept and the idea. I feel that it's an interesting story; you might not understand it well at first, but as it progresses, you understand more and more. I must say it truly touched my heart a little, and I shed a few tears because I could connect with what the protagonist was feeling-all the different emotions she experiences throughout the movie. I could see myself in her.

    Another thing I really enjoyed was the character designs. They were so cute and very well done. Great CGI; I loved them. Ryan Reynolds was incredible as always, Cailey Fleming gave a good performance (though it could have been better with a bit more charisma), and John Krasinski did a good job directing. Really good.
  • jgilbs-45666 - 25 June 2024
    I thoroughly enjoyed this & yes I cried.
    I took my grandsons to see this movie thinking it was geared up to be a funny kids movie, it actually dealt with some real life issues that we all face at one time or another. We all really enjoyed this movie! It's a great family film, which in today's reality we don't see enough of these. Too many movies have to put things in them that have no bearing to what the film is about. This movie touched my heart in so many ways, some of which were actual situations I had to go thru as well. I was so glad to see they gave Benjamin an IF near the end since there are so many children in the hospital dealing with health issues these days. If anything I think this gives children an understanding that it's ok to be a kid, that you don't have to understand everything or shut yourself off in order to cope with life's issues. It's ok to be afraid or sad and not always know how to handle those situations. Even as adults we don't always know how to handle every situation thrown our way. I highly recommend seeing this movie. But bring Kleenex as it will touch your heart. John Krazinski is one of those special people who can bring such an amazing experience to the silver screen. What a talented Writer, Actor & Director. I will continue to watch any movie he touches.
  • eoinageary - 18 June 2024
    A warm movie

    We see B, a 12 year old kid who has already lost her mom and now her dad is sick in hospital. He keeps good spirits but she is worried and starts seeing imaginary friends. They also need help as she finds out when kids forget about them they don't have any more "owners" so she must try find them new homes with a grumpy man named Cal.

    The movie is very sweet, it carries some strong acting for a kids movie which is fun for all the family. The voice cast is absolutely stellar.

    The movie has some not great reviews which I don't get, it's a children's movie, it's exactly what it needs to be.

    I loved the cast, the story was nice, heartwarming music and scenes, silly and fun, 6.5/10.
  • myfaithlasts - 10 June 2024
    Husband and I really enjoyed IF
    My husband and I are in our 50's and saw IF today. No grandkids, just us. We loved it! IF is a very well told imaginative, heartwarming story. I was not expecting it to be so funny but it had some incredible comedic actors so I shouldn't have been surprised. My favorite character was Blue by Steve Carrel who is a genius at comedy. I love anything that Ryan Reynolds is in. I loved how seeing how happy Bea and her dad are, in spite of the struggles they have been through. I love how the movie encourages children to use their imaginations to make their worlds a better place, I also didnt see the twist at the end coming, but it was awesome! IF was a fabulous movie that I would love to see again.